At Selah, we are looking for smiling, hard-working people to volunteer with us! You can connect with artists all around the world, from Portugal to Germany, from Portland to Japan, and get to know people just like you! You can be a part of a great team of people fully versed in art, writing, and film. It's a great resumé builder and to connect with different, passionate artists. Go ahead and apply below!

We are run by students, and we want to give the opportunity for high school and college students to help us!

Areas of Interest

We look for people are interested in a couple different aspects. It takes many parts to run a literary magazine, and you can choose from the following:

  • Visual Art and Film Department

  • Writing and Music Department

  • Networks and Communications

When you apply, make sure to specifiy which area would be the best fit for you. You can always ask about any of the areas of interest if you have any more questions at info@selah.xyz.

You can work remote, but you would need to be in contact. Below is the application.