The Way In Which A Body

the way in which a body moves holds

gumption for no other thing but the

universe is a cylindrical ominous ball

of heady light with a toothy nature that

does not destruct but delights in itself

the nature of the tree is the nature of it

all is all is nothing is noting is the vast

complex of a body unused understand that

what you see is what you do and how

you live is proof of this list if you were to

make one would it have 13 points on it

would there be a psychic bridge connecting

you to your ancestors would the animals

all course around you barking as though

you understand I am a ghost and the

only vast emptiness that really exists is

the one that lacks in your heart as the

body moves you feel the structures within

and without because the way a body moves

is not outside of everything else is not outside

of nothing or noting is the way the world

begins to harness its nothing to make it

it’s all a marvelous rainbow in which we

are traveling light for another ship in which

we are beginning again to learn to sit in

which we grab the hands of all those around

us in and beg them for a moment in which

everything as it always has drops away

and you’re left in a blank room with bodies

feeling the space around them yet invested

in the building of a bridge between

Sky Is Full Like


**sky is full like
a stomach that
is attached to
limbs that is
attached to a
heart that is
attached to
blood that is
attached to
the Earth is
a grounded
fifth harmony
over bass licks
ominous over the
oceans while
poets spray art
and language and
big heart to
the things it
has created
begin that
thumping question
rhetorical what
is love but
freedom of self
to do a better
job of work in
the world let
heart flow into
that work like
blood to a vein
to a heart to
a body we
move like the
truth we’ve
accepted so
move like
freedom is
love is freedom
is a demand
and brag of
what is**