Submit Your Work!


If you are an artist, writer, filmmaker, or musician looking to get your work out there, don't hestitate to shoot us an email at! We are accepting forms of art during our submission periods, and we encourage anyone of any nationality, skill, or identity to submit to our magazine!

We are introducing our new theme for Issue 04! We will be rolling out The Red Edition on December 1st for World Aids Day. Submit your red paintings and art pieces and writing that represents the color red, or any variation of the color. The submission deadline for Issue 04 is October 21st, 2018, so don't miss out!

Please email work to

Or send us snail mail! You can send your work to 6 Laurel Oak, Covington, LA, 70433. 

When you submit your work to us, we ask that you include a couple things. 

  • Titles of your works

  • Name (What you'd like to be listed as)

  • Where You're Located (City, State, Country)

  • A Small Bio (2-3 sentences)

  • Any social media or website you would like people to look at.

  • Your files in appropriate format.

The maximum amount of visual pieces you can submit is 3. If you submit more than that in one submission, then we are not required to consider your work. 

The maximum amount of written pieces you can submit is 2. If you submit more than that in one submission, then we are not required to consider your work. Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words in total. 

Please attach your files as attachments in the email. Please do not copy and paste. 

Please do not email us to make sure we received your work. Please know that we did, and due to the high number of emails we receive, we cannot always give a confirmation.

If your work contains any obscene, or inappropriate content, we will not consider it. If you have concerns about your work falling in this category, please email us at 

If you work is not in an acceptable format (i.e. work is not photographed correctly, titles aren't provided, work is not accessible in documents), we will not red it or consider it. We accept work at its highest quality and pieces sent to us without our guidelines in mind will not be considered.

Any genre of any art is accepted.

We accept

  • visual art (3D, sculpture, painting, fabric and textile work, drawing, mixed media, photography, etc.)

  • writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, experimental, screenwriting, etc.)

  • short films (Please embed a link to a video found on youtube, Vimeo, etc. Please do not send files.)

  • music (single songs, not albums. Any genre, even experimental.)

  • Slam Poetry (audio files)

Your art not listed? Email us at to tell us all about it!

Selah Youth Submissions


Ages up to 18 are encouraged to submit to Selah Youth! Most submissions are taken and published online. Submissions will vary in print versions. If you have a piece that you want to send in, you can email Please label your subject line as Selah Youth Submission If you wish to submit, please include these pieces of information in your email. 

  • Name

  • Location (Optional)

  • Age (Optional)

  • A Short Bio (2-3 Sentences)

  • Titles of Artwork or Writing

Visual art and creative writing is encouraged to be submitted. You or your child may submit 2 pieces. The deadline for Selah Youth Issue 2 is November 7th. You can check out Selah Youth Issue 1 here. 


We cannot accept any copyrighted images or characters. This includes from these studios but are not limited to: 

  • Walt Disney Company

  • Dreamworks

  • Nintendo

  • Illumination Studios

  • Marvel

  • Lucasfilm

  • Pixar

  • Fox Animation

  • Any Copyrighted Anime or Manga

  • Warner Brothers (Harry Potter)

If you send in work with any copyrighted characters or trademarked brands, we legally cannot consider it, and your submission will not longer be part of our decision process.

We do not accept fan fiction, fan art, or anything of that genre as well. Please keep this in mind while curating your submission. 

If you have a question about submissions, you can email

At this time, we cannot distribute copies free of charge to contributors. We function like a non-profit, and every cent we make goes to reproducing the magazine of its highest quality and going towards administrative costs. We apologize for the inconvenience at this time.

We also do not offer any monetary reward for submissions accepted.

Have a book you want reviewed?

Send us a copy! We would be more than happy to read it and tell our readers all about it! Send us an email at and mail us a copy at 6 Laurel Oak, Covington, LA, 70433.