In the Company of Flowers

after Rebecca Louise Law’s installation, Community

  at the Toledo Museum of Art

Rikki Santer

Submerge me into this linear bouquet

curtains of plants 

trickling down from heaven’s grid

rack my focus through the rain

of rhythmic notations

      vertical riffs of

ancestral petals

tiny gourds on tender

edge of rattle

little swords of wheat

fuzzy-hearted commas 

of whispery fronds

all in a marimba of alchemy 

to galvanize this womb of a room into pastoral idyll

selfie travelers transform

to be gentle with themselves

revere pigtails of copper wiring

    chimes of gloriosa daisies

blue larkspur 

lavender pulse of little lottie

   memories of love or loss try me on

nooks and crannies air-born staccato

shadows harmonize with white walls

           membranes waltz onto linoleum floor

yawning of dawn in low hum

the dead never so fresh & syncopated.

    How to Cohabitate with a Kaleidoscope

after Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama

Cleveland Museum of Art; 2018

Rikki Santer

arthropod eyes for equilibrium polka dots eye you as you eye them in your endless chamber sliver balls float among the hosta in this hot house mirror mirrored door claims you shuts you in she promises in a most animated manner  modest proscenium launches you into the pleats and folds of abyss flickering gold lanterns dangling crystals polymath for your sensory pilgrimage cloth organs swim in the effervescence ain’t no peep show but a long long story that refracts your body melts you away into the infinite spread tentacles bedazzle in ambrosia of space-time kabocha squash like paper lanterns guide your ancestors back to you on the gleaming waters of today’s dream stars scatter like sugar another glitterbomb and then another another tumble spin fractal  patterns    you breathe in       pulse with   moments of         symmetry symmetry