Road Trip

Katie sighed as she doodled tiny hearts in her notebook with her purple pen. “Ugh” she mumbled to herself as her brother kept on babbling on and on about recess games. 

“You know it’s summer, so we don’t have to talk about school, right?” she told her brother. 

“Whatever,” he said with a mouthful of M&Ms. 

Katie groaned, “How much longer?”

“Four more hours,” her mom responded. Katie sighed. They were going to Tennessee all the way from Mississippi. She looked out the window, tuning herself out from her loud family. 

It was so pretty. The land stretched out flat to the horizon, cows grazing in the distance. “AAAAAAA” she heard her brother say. “Just great,” she thought, being snapped out of her daydreams. 

Honk, honk! “Yay!” her brother said as she saw the sign: Welcome. We’re Glad Georgia’s on your Mind. She was getting pretty tired. She unbuckled for a minute, switched her hoodie around backward, and put her hood over her face. 

She drifted off to sleep to the loud sounds of the road and her family….. 

“Wake up Sleepyhead!” She looked outside. Now the mountains and trees filled the space around them.