In the lonely days in my mothers’ womb, I crushed, stepped and scratched to come into a world. A world I heard whispers of at night, with all the kind words, with carefully placed kisses on my home-my mothers’ womb. The man that stood by told me of the beauties of this world making me eager to see this loving world.

I am hear, the story is different.



Why are people so angry? I ask

What do we stand for?

With all these knowledge acquired,

the interpretations of forgiveness, love and welcome is still gibberish.

Discoveries were made years ago,

battles were fought,

victories and legends were made

but the perished souls were left back on the battlefields.

Glories! All in the name of a country.

Flags are raised in their honor but the pain in a mother’s heart pierces and break.

A baby’s call for papa is never answered.

Isn’t this enough!!


Here we are now.

What do we fight for? Children rise to avenge their parent.

Leaders lead to be fearless and rich.

Politicians amass wealth, just power drunk and selfishness.

Human lives reduced to tags






#Blacklivesmatter definitely

#Alllivesmatter. Aleppo I cry with you

We have prayed

Our candles are lit

Our knees are cuddling the grounds

Our palms are embracing each other

Our tears are stormy now

Please! Please!! STOP


Our humble request isn’t for a new life but a better place and not one acquired through bloodshed.

Let settle our qualms. Let it be banters not gunshots

You want to die old. SO DO WE




When did I stop chasing those dreams?

Having that light skinned body

Those soft beards

Be tall with muscles

Own those nice clothes

Make thousands to trillions

Technologies and its latest updates

Cars and gadgets


When did I stop chasing those opinions?

Living by what they think

Giving them the opportunity to have a comment

Do this, Do that

Don’t walk I there

Don’t question what you don’t know


When di I stop wanting

All the fine ladies that quarks the heart and

Stills the mind

Capture the lips in numbness

Those gents that put the eyes in wowing

Moments and heightens desire


With time, I noticed life and

Its happiness lives not beyond self

And the joy we search lives within us

We live for ourselves

To accept and love others more

And success and failure

Are just mindsets