Selah Youth 2

Selah Youth 2 has officially reached the other side of the world! Many contributors for Selah Youth 2 came from an English language school in South Korea. These students, some pictured above, live about 7197 miles (11582.45 kilometers) away from Slidell, Louisiana, USA where Selah Youth is based. They bravely submitted work written in English, a second or even third language for many of them, and allowed me to publish it. Their work is now being read in the United States, and the work of the local artists that was published alongside it, is now being read in South Korea.

Although so many miles separate the contributors from the USA and South Korea, many of the themes found in their works were the same. Many stories were written about the first feelings of love or “crushes” that they experienced, their shyness in school, and confusion as to why growing up isn’t more like the movies make it out to be. It all sounded familiar to me, reminding me of my days in middle school and junior high. These themes seems to be universal, part of every child’s experience.

This is what Selah Youth is all about, helping our youth to be brave with their artistic endeavors, and showing that art can help transcend cultural and country boundaries. I hope they will never hesitate to submit their work to be published, and know that any art is better than no art. I hope that Selah and Selah Youth can help to shows us all that we all share common ideals and dreams.

Sarah RolinskiComment