Football in the South: An Introduction

I grew up in a football family.

Every Sunday, we’d go to church, get fried chicken at Winn-Dixie, run home and get our Saints jerseys on, and run to our friend’s house all before that noon kickoff. I don’t have any brothers, and the closest my sister and I came to participating in sports was soccer in the fourth grade. But football was part of our family; my mom had a bobble head of Lance Moore sitting under the TV after the Saints won the Super Bowl. My mom is notorious for screeching at the TV and jumping out of her seat every time a running back couldn’t complete a touchdown.

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In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month I interviewed Mary Claire Davis, a survivor of Type 1 Diabetes and one of my best friends. The first thing Mary Claire said when I began the interview was “it was November 30th, 2016”, the date stuck in her mind. She was 16 years old, just got her license, and had to spend 4 days in the New Orleans Children’s Hospital where she was described as “the healthiest Type 1 Diabetic they’d admitted.” Health didn’t matter, Type 1 does not discriminate.

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