Time’s a Thief

With stealthy fingers
hidden in the shadows
It steals minute after minute
from under our blistered feet


Leaving us behind in the dark
no clue as to when we’ll end up
But the ticking of the clocks
speaks  to our imaginations


It’s no wonder why we run
no mystery why we flee
Even I am often worried
about time catching up with me


Those fingers show up in my nightmares
grabbing me by the ankles, tripping me up
I’ve seen what it can do
So in cold sweat, I’m waking up


While words can be scarring
they are no match for time
For when it is not healing
it can leave a lasting burn


But the worst of all?
We lost the cure
Burying it next to our happiness
all those years ago


So I resigned myself to waiting
ever so patiently
Until the lines, one by one,
are all drawn upon my face


That time I will spend crafting
something to outlast me
And in this ink and paper
I will find my immortality