Spent the morning thinking about her yesterday. By the afternoon I’d stopped thinking about her. It’s 3.30pm and I’m thinking about her again. We spoke on the phone yesterday for some time. I told her she had told me she had missed me. She said, “if you say so.” I kept her on the phone too long. She had to go and see her friends. 


Fridge Room Poem

Yellow chair has two film magazines on it. 

Pale blue door is open. 

The phone book is the door stopper. 

The window is slid open. 

The reflection is clear in the t.v. set which is on top of the microwave.

In it I can see the entire window and the wall of the adjacent building. 

A moment ago I could see a shadow on the wall from this building; 

A sharp long clear edged shadow

Now gone because of a cloud. 

The shadows are clear on this page from the light outside and my hand. As I write the shadow moves across the page slowly. 

The shadow outside is black because the cloud has gone.


In Leigh-On-Sea

The orange and yellow dimly lit moon

Low in the sky.

The darkness. The sea wall. The occasional person around at 10 o’clock. 

The tide is in. The water is shallow beneath us hitting the sea wall gently. 

The boats shine in the moonlight

Rocking ever so slowly.

We smoke the spliff

And she drinks whiskey and coke